National Co‑operative Development Strategy strategic reference panel

Co‑operatives UK is working across the sector to develop a UK‑wide co‑operative development strategy that will provide focus for co‑operative development and innovation over the coming years.

The Strategic Reference Panel will consider, test, suggest and improve key themes and emerging ideas for the strategy. It is chaired by Dame Pauline Green, the former President of the International Co‑operative Alliance and its members come fromm across the co‑operative sector, representing co‑ops large and small, old and new.

  • Glenn Bowen, Wales CC
  • Peter Couchman, Plunkett Foundation
  • Dave Hollings, Co‑operative and Mutual Solutions
  • Marna McMillin, Energy for All
  • Jon O'Connor, Co‑operative Schools Network
  • Ieva Padagaite, AltGen
  • Ed Russell, Co‑operative Web and The People Co‑operative
  • Sarah Deas, Co‑operative Development Scotland
  • William Heath, co‑founder of the The Bell Inn
  • Matt Bland, ABCUL
  • Simon Borkin and Ed Mayo, Co‑operatives UK

You can keep up to date with many of the ideas of the panel on a blog dedicated to testing out big ideas for the co‑operative sector here.