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Community shares resources

Hulme Community Garden Centre

There's a wealth of information in our community shares resources, including the essential Community Shares Handbook. 

The Community Shares Handbook

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The definitive guide for community shares – covering all the relevant legal requirements and voluntary good practice standards for share offers.

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A guide to investing in community shares

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Investing in community shares is a simple, direct and engaging way of supporting businesses that serve your community.

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Recovery Share Offers Guidance

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The purpose of this guidance is to support societies to use community shares to improve their solvency as part of their response and recovery to the current Covid-19 crisis. 

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Guidance for societies facing financial strife

The current economic climate is tough for all businesses. Government has introduced new insolvency legislation to give businesses in distress more opportunity to turn things around. Following successful lobbying by Co‑operatives UK, these reforms now apply to co‑operative and community benefit societies as well as companies. 

Shariah compliance for community shares

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An initial report from Amanah Advisors on the potential for community share offers to be recognised as Shariah compliant. 

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