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Pathway 2: Equity for investment ready businesses

Projekts MCR – supported by the Booster Fund

Investment ready community businesses will be in the final stages of preparing their community share offer, and are ready to apply for equity match of up to £100,000.

Applicants for Pathway 2 should be at least 3 months away from launching their share offer.

The process

  • Applicants should have already submitted their offer for the Standard Mark assessment.
  • Successful Pathway 2 applicants will be made an equity match offer. Our offer letter will detail the terms and conditions of the equity match, and in some cases, may require you to engage in promotional activities associated with the equity match. It will also set out the terms and conditions applying to Co-operatives UK’s role as the active investor and shareholder in your society. 
  • We reserve the right to use your share offer for training purposes, which may include allocating you a trainee practitioner, and subjecting your offer to peer review by other practitioners.
  • We aim to decide on your application for equity match prior to the launch of your share offer. 
  • The award of equity match is not conditional upon, or guaranteed by, the award of the Standard Mark. 

See the application guidance below or start your application process.

Start your application

Community Shares Booster Fund – application guidance

Content by Community Shares Booster Fund

This guidance will help you decide whether the Community Shares Booster programme is right for you.

Community Shares Booster Programme Guidance for applicants cover
Community Shares Booster Fund – application guidance [main]
Community Business ReBoost Fund – guidance for applicants
Community Business ReBoost Fund – guidance for applicants
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