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About community shares

Projekts MCR – supported by the Booster Fund

Today hundreds of communities across the country have used community shares to save and create businesses that are important to them.

Ownership in community hands

  • Community shares have been invested into shops, pubs, renewable energy schemes and community facilities. They have been used to set up local farms, save football clubs, restore heritage buildings and build so many community businesses.
  • Communities use community shares to take ownership of local assets or develop businesses to benefit the wider community. 
  • Community shares are growing in popularity and 92% of community-owned businesses are still in business after 5 years (compared to 42% of private companies).
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The community share offer helped us raise the money we needed to expand the business, but also helped us attract new supporters.
– Projekts MCR - community owned skate park

A unique form of investment

  • “Community shares” is a user-friendly name for withdrawable, non-transferable share capital, which is unique to co-operative and community benefit societies. 
  • Community shares offer a unique form of social investment where investors give up any prospect of capital gain for modest financial return which provides community business with stable long-term risk capital.
  • Community shares has in turn popularised the idea of equity investment into socially minded projects; encouraging more community businesses to raise the long-term, patient risk capital they need to start and grow, as well as providing a simple, direct and engaging way for people to support businesses that serve their communities.
Raising funds through community shares?
Matched investment is available through the Community Shares Booster
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