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Delivered by Co-operatives UK in partnership with The Co-operative Bank

Discover the power of co‑ops

Is starting a co-op right for you? Webinar series

Join our series of FREE webinars for people interested in starting a co‑op business. 

Co-ops do business differently. They’re suitable for people looking to challenge the status quo and find fairer, more equitable ways of working. Co‑ops are owned and controlled by their members, giving people a share in the success of the business. 

These webinars are an introduction to the co-op business model – and will provide a launchpad for starting a co‑op business.

Watch the webinars

Join Co‑operatives UK’s Petra Morris and Dane Pollard for an informative, inspiring session on the benefits of co‑ops and how to start your co‑op business – with examples of successful co‑ops that put control in the hands of their workers, customers and suppliers. Find out more and book your place: 

It makes good business sense for self-employed people to join forces, form co-ops and enjoy benefits such as shared costs, resources, knowledge and expertise. Co-ops enable their members to have access to fairer, more decent work, as well as a share of the profits. And by coming together, freelancers can bid for larger scale tenders, gain access to new markets and innovate through sharing creative ideas. Find out more and book your place: 

Watch the recording.

The rise of digital platforms like Uber and Deliveroo has increased precarious working and enabled digital giants to dominate markets. Discover how platform co‑ops offer a fairer alternative, putting power and control in the hands of people on the frontline of services. Find out more and book your place: 

Delivered in partnership with Lancaster City Council for those living and working in the Lancaster district, and beyond. Discover how co-ops allow local communities to take control of the services and spaces that matter most to them – and enable people to pool resources to trade goods and services that benefit the community. 

Watch the recording.

Hear from our a panel of young people who have been involved in or founded a range of co‑ops. Discover how co‑ops can empower young people and provide opportunities to help them build successful, fulfilling lives. Find out more and book your place: 

Watch the recording.

Why co-ops?

Sharing ownership not only boosts morale and productivity, it harnesses innovation – and research suggests that co‑ops are far more resilient and more likely to survive than other businesses. 

The Co-op Economy Report also found co‑ops have been more resilient to the pandemic compared to other businesses.

Support for starting a co-op

This series is from The Hive – a support programme for co-ops delivered by Co‑operatives UK in partnership with The Co‑operative Bank.

If you have a business idea, The Hive can help turn your plans into action:

  • Access our online step-by-step tool that smoothly guides you through the start‑up process – and you can even register your new co‑op.
  • Apply for up to 10 days tailored business advice, training and mentoring.
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