Jeremy Thorp

Co-operative advisor


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07722 722863
Business planning
Community shares
Community shares Standard Mark
Fundraising (social investment)
Governance (legal options)
Governance (set up)
Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Jeremy Thorp

Jeremy has worked for Sharenergy since 2012, helping community groups across the UK to set up renewable energy co‑operatives and societies, including rooftop and ground mounted solar PV, hydro schemes and wind turbines. 

Sharenergy’s specialism is helping these groups put together financially viable projects and launch share offers to raise capital.

Jeremy also helps with other aspects including negotiating with landowners, putting leases in place and preparing and submitting planning applications.  

He is a director of Community Energy Wales, a social enterprise supporting the community renewable sector in Wales. Jeremy is also a director of Circular Economy Mid Wales, a social enterprise incubating various reuse and recycle schemes, which includes a project to intercept and divert reusable items and materials that are brought to the Household Waste Recycling Centre in Newtown. 

Jeremy is Licensed by the Community Shares Unit to award the Community Shares Standard Mark.