Webinar - An Introduction to Sociocracy

Tired of the same meetings with the same outcomes? Want to make decisions in a more co-operative way? Busy schedule with limited time for learning? Join our first Co-op Virtual Connections webinar!

We're thrilled to have Abbie Kempson from worker co-op Unicorn Grocery present An Introduction to Sociocracy on Wednesday 13 March from 3.30pm to 5.30pm.

More widely used in the Netherlands than in Newcastle, Newport or North Berwick, sociocracy is designed to bring equality and shared power to the top of meeting agendas. Find out how Unicorn's 68 worker-members are learning, experimenting and implementing sociocracy to redesign their governance system. This event is FREE to attend. It is expected to last two hours, with 30 minutes alllocated to Q&A.

"We're exploring sociocracy to help us find some answers to one of the perennial questions faced by flat-structured co-ops: what do we all need to decide together, and how do we share power and give everyone a voice in collective management without all being involved in too many decisions?" Abbie Kempson, Unicorn Grocery

Join Abbie's sociocracy webinar from your office, the train or your bicycle seat and see if sociocracy can change the way you and your work colleagues communicate forever!

Note, we have no closed the online booking for this webinar. However, you can still watch and particpate online via  the Co-operatives UK Facebook page from 3.30pm.

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Wednesday, 13 March 2019 - 3:30pm to 5:30pm
Co-operatives UK
United Kingdom
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Updated: 12/03/2019