Webinar – An Introduction To Sociocracy

Type: Practical guides  |  Topic: Innovation  |  Format: Webinar

If you're tired of unproductive meetings, elephants in the room or the same people saying the same things then this webinar on An Introduction to Sociocracy is just for you.

More widely used in the Netherlands than in Newcastle, Newport or North Berwick, sociocracy is designed to bring equality and shared power to the top of meeting agendas. 

Recorded in March 2019 at Co-operatives UK, Abbie Kempson (Unicorn Grocery, Manchester) leads the introduction to sociocracy and is joined by Pete Burden (SeeStep, East Sussex) and Kirsty Warren (Greencity Wholefoods, Glasgow). All provide their practical views using the techniques in their organisations and how it supports governance systems. There are 30 minutes alllocated to Q&A at the end.

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