The international prevalence of co-operative values

Type: Research  |  Topic: About co-operatives  |  Format: Report

A new index, developed for International Co-operatives Day 2017 and drawing on data gathered across 88 countries, puts Brazil as the most co-operative country worldwide, followed by Norway, Uruguay and Canada.

Compiled by Common Cause Foundation for Co-operatives UK, the research maps the importance that people across the world place on cooperative values.

'We know that countries like Brazil and Norway, Spain and Finland have exceptionally strong co-operative business sectors. There are over twice as many member owners of co-operatives as there are share owners in Brazil. The largest health provider in the country is a healthcare co-operative that brings together 110,000 doctors and medics."

"This is the first time that  we have been able to compare co-operative values across countries, and to see the same countries come up is remarkable. Do they form co-operatives because these are the values of the country, or are the values of the country influenced by the kind of organisations it has? Like chicken and egg, it may be a bit of both over time."

 Charles Gould, International Co-operative Alliance