Co-op Fortnight 2019 posters, graphics & logos

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Download your Co-operatives Fortnight 2019 toolkit guide, posters, graphics and logos. View thumbnail images by clicking on the links below.


  • Co-op Fortnight 2019 campaign pack

  • Co-op Fortnight information poster


  • Template poster


  • Proud to be a Co-op poster

  • Stickers x 4 designs

GRAPHICS (various)

  • Main graphic:
    Join us for two weeks of mass co-operation x 4 designs

  • Customisable graphics
    Adapt with your own image


Co-op Fortnight Logo


  • There are 20 variations of the logo available as in jpeg or png format. If you need help selecting the correct logo please let us know.

Share messages on social media using the hashtag #CoopFortnight

Order printed versions of the posters and stickers

Pledge to take part - join us for two weeks of mass co-operation

Download FREE campaign pack with resources, messages and more to help you promote #CoopFortnight to colleagues, members and customers.

Co‑op Fortnight is organised by Co‑operatives UK, sponsored by some of the UK’s largest co‑operatives and brought to life by co‑ops across the UK.

Thank you to our sponsors:

Central England Co-operativeThe Channel Islands Co-operative Society, The Co-opEast of England Co-opThe MidCounties Co-operativeScotmid Co-operative and Southern Co-op