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A collaboration between Co-operatives UK, Power to Change and the Mayor of London
Boosting community business London – application guidance

Support and resources

Co‑operatives UK

Other funding

We have compiled a list of funding sources and resources that you could explore when looking to set up your co‑op or community business. Find out more here.

Step‑by‑step guide

You can also access our step by step guide to starting a co‑op, which takes you through feasibility planning, choosing a legal structure, preparing a business plan and registering your organisation.

About community shares

Find out more about community shares.

Power to Change 

We want to make it easier for community businesses not just to survive, but to thrive. To help, successful applicants will get access to:


Our free digital business insight tool uses smart but very simple technology to help you gather and make sense of the data that most matters to you to support::

  • Financial sustainability
  • Opinions and trends in your community
  • Volunteer contributions

Successful applicants who subscribe to Twine will receive dedicated training and support, as well as tips and best practice from the data gathered through Twine by other successful applicants and their peers.

Find out more on

Power Up! grantee events

All the community businesses Power to Change invests in are invited to our Power Up! events. There you'll find out how to maximise your relationship with Power to Change, and build connections with other community businesses across England.

Our website has a host of free resources for growing your community business. And our sector experts regularly give valuable insight and advice via our blog based on research and experience.

Policy and research

Our in‑house Research Institute commissions research about how community businesses work and often look to our grantees for best practice. Our research can also help you make the case to other funders and investors.

Our policy team work to influence the political agenda in favour of community businesses. We often ask our grantees for evidence to submit to government committees.

Events, media and podcast

Power to Change tells the story of community business at a regional and national level, in the press, online and at key events throughout the year. As a grantee, we will offer you opportunities to be interviewed or speak at events about your experience to inspire and influence others.

We also have a monthly podcast, Then One Day and regularly feature our grantees.