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A collaboration between Co-operatives UK, Power to Change and the Mayor of London
Boosting community business London – application guidance

Preview of the application questions

In this section you will find all the questions from the Track 1: Start‑up support application form and the Track 2 Development grant application form

This includes information about why we ask specific questions and tips to help you answer them. We've tried to keep the forms simple, while collecting all of the information we need to make decisions about which applications to take further. 

We ask direct questions wherever possible to gather factual information (on your organisation, or on finances), while leaving free text for you to describe your project and the difference it will make in your own words.

Track 1: Start‑up support application form

View and/or download a pdf of the application questions. Please note this download refers to the old application deadlines. The Track 1 application deadline was extended to 12 March 2021 and applications to Track 1 are now closed. 

Application questions preview

Track 2: Development grant application form 

Applications opened on 29 March 2021 and are still open for a short time – as of 18 May 2021.