Shout about why co-ops are a better way of doing business

Yours is one of almost 7,000 co-ops making a difference right across the economy. With the launch of this year's co-operative economy report - the annual analysis of our fantastic sector - we have a great opportunity to shout about why co-ops are a better way of doing business.

Please help spread the word.

We want you to tell all those associated with your co-op that they a part of something bigger. We also want your help on social media to state the case for the co-operative way of doing business. We have some suggested tweets and Facebook messaging - but we would love to hear why being part of a co-op is so special in your own words. You can use a selection of graphics to accompany your posts as well as a short video featuring several of our members.

Suggested tweets (don't forget to add a picture)

Almost 7,000 co-ops. 13.6m members. £36bn turnover. We’re part of the UK’s dynamic co-op sector #coopstories

Membership of #coops at record levels! Proud to be part of the #coopstories:

Ours is one of nearly 7,000 co-ops doing business better. Proud to be part of the co-op sector #coopstories

We are part of a growing movement that gives people control. #coops make a difference: #coopstories

Being a co-op is special because (add your own words here) #coopstories

Facebook messaging (remember to add a picture or two)

REVEALED! The annual report on the state of the co-operative sector, published by @Co-operatives UK, is now out. Delighted that our co-op is one of almost 7,000 operation right across the UK - and contributing £36bn to the economy. Read the full report here - - and help more people understand why co-ops are a better way of doing business by sharing this post.