Proud to be part of a co-operative? If the answer is yes then join us on social media to tell the world

The fact that membership levels are now at record levels is something we all should rightly be proud of. Almost a quarter of the UK's population are now members of a co-operative. This also means the number of co-op members continues to outstrip the number of shareholders in the UK.

We want your help to spread the word about co-ops and the #CoopEconomy on social media. We have some suggested tweets and Facebook messaging (though we would love to hear all personal views on why being part of a co-op is so special). We have also got a selection of images to accompany your posts - and don't forget to share our short video.

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7,000 co-ops. 17.5m members. £34bn turnover. We’re part of the UK’s dynamic #CoopEconomy

Membership of #coops at record levels! Proud to be part of the #CoopEconomy:

We are record breakers! The #CoopEconomy is out. Read it here:







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We are proud to be part of the co-op economy - a sector worth some £34.1 billion! And almost a quarter of the UK's population are members of a co-operative - THAT'S A RECORD. Read the 2016 report, published by @Co-operatives UK here: