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Report an issue

Are you encountering difficulties you think stem from being a co-op, perhaps relating to one of the following areas?

  • Legal issues
  • Rules and regulations
  • Tax
  • Financial services
  • Professional services (accountancy, legal, HR consultancy etc.)

Contact our policy officer [email protected] with any comments or with any difficulties.

Give us your views on moving the legislative function

We have asked for the views of our Partner Members on the question of which government department might serve co-ops best. But any member of Co-operatives UK can comment on our discussion paper. Email these to our policy officer [email protected].

Business form impact test 

Government should introduce a new business impact test to systematically ensure all legal forms are considered in legislation and regulation affecting business. Officials should be specifically prompted to consider whether any legal forms are unintentionally favoured or disadvantaged. This will reduce the number of unintended consequences in regulation that can be burdensome for many co-ops.