Levelling the playing field

Our campaign to make it as easy to start and run a co-operative as any other business includes identifying and removing public policy that disadvantages our members.

All too often rules and institutions that shape our economy throw up obstacles for co-ops. The evolution of laws and regulations, the design of government schemes and public services, the content of education and advice, and our financial and professional services all contain built in presumptions more attuned to traditional profit-driven and investor-owned business models.

Co-operatives UK believes governments have a clear responsibility towards the full diversity of business forms in the UK - including co-ops and mutuals. At the very least this means making a concerted effort to level the playing field.

It is our ongoing mission to identify disadvantages for co-ops and to press for their removal via public policy and other forms of economic leadership.

Members and supporters can back this campaign by letting us know about any difficulties encountered that stem from being a co-op; by helping us respond to consultations; and by backing our positions.