Influencing policy

We want to help build a more co-operative economy, where people share ownership and control of the means to meet their needs and aspirations. This economy cannot be created through government policy. Its up to co-ops to demonstrate what is possible and work together to bring more people into the movement. But our governments, national and local, will either help or hinder our progress. We need governments to play a smart facilitating role - to recognize our value, understand our needs, and know when to intervene and when to get out of the way. 

Through membership of Co-operatives UK co-ops support our policy work, so that together we can campaign and lobby on behalf of the movement. We seek to influence government policy to get the best possible business environment for co-ops of all shapes and sizes. 

For a quick look ahead to our policy work in 2017, see here.

Below you will find tabs taking you to pages focused on key aspects of our policy work, such as legal frameworks, regulation and finance. You'll also see we have pages focused on policy development in some key sectors.

Get involved

Speaking with a strong collective voice is key to the success of any lobbying or policy campaign. When we act together, we legitimate our message and make more of an impact.

Where possible we’ll give our members an opportunity to get involved in consultation responses. And we’ll regularly consult them ourselves on our own policy positions, and in setting future policy priorities.

All members of Co-operatives UK are invited to join our Policy and Voice online group, which offers a new way for members to keep abreast of what is going on and help shape it

The group is the place where:

  • We’ll post updates on our policy work, lobbying and campaigns
  • Members can discuss and debate issues and positions relevant to co-ops, between themselves and with our team
  • We’ll initiate more formal member consultations 

To join the group click here and then on the 'join group' tab. This will take you to a page where you can create a log-in for our Hive online communities. 

Our Policy Officer is James Wright: 


Call: 0161 214 1775

Tweet: @James_CoopsUK