Promote Co-operatives Fortnight via social media

Co-operatives Fortnight is the time to celebrate the strength and diversity of the sector - and we have lots to celebrate. There are 17.5 million members of co-operatives - that's more than a third of the UK's population. It is a sector worth some £34.1 billion.

We want your help to spread the word about co-ops during Co-operatives Fortnight (#coops16) on social media. We have some suggested tweets and Facebook messaging (though all personal views on why being part of a co-op is so special are even better). We have also got a selection of images to accompany your posts. These cover different sectors, from social care to community energy, membership, worker co-operatives plus stats on the co-operative economy. Choose which images suit your business best - and you can also share our short video.

Suggested tweets (don't forget to add a picture):

  • We are one of 7,000 co-ops across the UK. We're proud to be a co-op and support #coops16
  • Co-operatives offer a better way of doing business. Promote #coops during #coops16
  • What if your money stayed in your community? Choose co-operative. #coops16
  • What if people were as important as the bottom line? Choose co-operative. #coops16
  • We are proud to be a co-op because... (add message) #coops16

Facebook messaging (remember to add a picture or two):

We are joining with co-ops up and down the country to celebrate Co-operatives Fortnight - the campaign to raise awareness of our fantastic sector. Dis you know the UK's co-operatives are worth some £34.1 billion to the economy each year! And more than a quarter of the UK's population are members of a co-operative. It is the perfect time to choose co-op, so if you think co-operatives offer a better way of doing business please like and share. And click the link to find out more about why co-ops are so special: