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Workshop Session One

General Election 2010 - Building the Co-operative Agenda This session will look at how political parties have worked in support of co-operatives and mutuals over the last 10 years, their processes for deciding their manifestos, and how we can influence their thinking. Delegates are invited to come and participate in helping to set the co-operative agenda for the next Government. Contributors will include: - David Anderson, Chair of Mutuo and Chief Executive of - Co-operative Finacial Services - Peter Hunt, Chief Executive, Mutuo - Pauline Green, Chief Executive, Co-operativesUK Sponsored by Mutuo Mutuals Manifesto The next General Election will take place within the coming 12 months. This means that each Party will be finalising their election manifestos in advance of this. The mutual sector now has the opportunity to try to ensure that policies and programmes are adopted that benefit mutual businesses by seeking to influence each of the Party manifestos. Mutuo, through the mutual sector’s trade associations, is working to present a co-ordinated response to each of the three main political parties’ manifestos, and is seeking to influence minor parties to support this agenda. Key objectives • To build a cross party political consensus for mutuality • Develop a policy ‘shopping list’ for the UK Government • Build sectoral buy-in for this programme Influence political parties to adopt pro-mutual policy and programmes. Secondary benefits • Educate key policy makers about mutuals • Consolidate background resources promoting mutuals • Raise the profile of the sector and businesses within it • Build closer relationships with political parties • Build solidarity among mutuals
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Updated: 09/06/2016