Press release

Women on boards: Co-operative retailers vs FTSE 100 companies

Women are eight times more likely to be chair of a board in a co-operative retail society than at FTSE 100 businesses, according to trade body Co-operatives UK.

In figures released on International Women’s Day, data from Co-operatives UK’s Performance Monitor reports show that 53% of co-operative retail societies having a female chair compared to 6% of FTSE 100 businesses.

The reports also reveal that women are almost twice as likely to be directors, with 40% of co-operative retail societies having women directors compared to 28% of FTSE 100 companies.

The annual Performance Monitor is an analysis of financial, non-financial and governance data from the UK's co-operative retail societies. The figures have been compared to FTSE 100 businesses, with data sourced from Cranfield School of Management.

Zena King, Society Secretary of Co-operatives UK, says:

"It's fantastic to see co-operative retail societies leading the way when it comes to gender equality. As values-led organisations co-operatives are at the forefront when it comes to ensuring there's equal opportunity for all.

However, we're in no doubt that there is lots more still to do and we are working with some really inspirational members in this area to learn and share best practice across the sector"