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Uber ruling shows need for greater security for 'gig economy' workers

Commenting on the employment tribunal ruling (Friday 28 October) that found Uber's tax drivers cannot be treated as self-employed, Ed Mayo said:

"The landmark ruling today on Uber taxi drivers’ employment rights shows that the development of the so-called ‘gig economy’ has, to date, been at the expense of the workers. This is hardly a surprise. Alongside the growth in self-employed workers we have seen a rise in the number of freelancers starting co-ops in order to create more security for themselves – and they have been doing this precisely because employers and legislation do not do it for them.

"Whether the judgment on Uber will set a precedent for other employers remains to be seen. What is clear is that we need to find a need to find a way for self-employed workers – from taxi drivers to music teachers – to create greater financial security and less uncertainty for themselves."

This comment was published as a letter in the Guardian

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