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Recipe for bringing values to life in business revealed in Ed Mayo’s new book

The latest book by Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operatives UK, will be launched later this month, appropriately enough on the first ever World Values Day on 20 October.

From recruiting to procurement, governance to leadership, Values: bringing values to life in business is a short practical guide to making values work for your business.

Drawing on a range of case studies worldwide, both co-operatives and other businesses, it unpacks what we mean by values and ethics and sets out a series of practical ways to make values part of commercial life. The book identifies the pitfalls and the potential of bringing values into the heart of an organisation, from a bank that responds to an ethical crisis through to a fast-growing worker co-op founded on the values of equality.

"This fresh and uplifting guide to bringing values to life will be essential reading for every business and every co-operative."
Monique Leroux, President, International Co-operative Alliance

With one in four entrepreneurs driven by values, the book shows that the values that guide a business are not necessarily the ones that are written down or that the people in the business expect. There is no one right or wrong set of values, it says, but there is power and potential in making the most of the values that are right for the business.

Ed Mayo said: "There are hundreds of books out there on business value, but few practical guides on business values. This is not another book on why business should be ethical. It is about the hidden values that drive businesses – whether money, status, power or sustainability – and how we can make sense of them.

"Co-ops are of course leaders in the field, and my book showcases co-ops worldwide that have built successful businesses on a set of shared values. But we can all do more to embed values in our businesses. The message, in the end, is that if we took values as seriously as business inventory or budgeting, we would see a new form of entrepreneurialism emerge."

Order the book. Values can be pre-ordered from £13.59, with members of Co-operatives UK receiving a 35% discount. To get the discount order online from Greenleaf publishing and, when prompted, enter the promotional code coopvalues. Click here to order the book.

Attend the webinar. Ed Mayo will be holding a live webinar on 20 October providing a masterclass in embedding values in business. Click here for more details and to book your place.

"Never has there been a greater need for this excellent practical guide to the benefits – and pitfalls – of embracing and living the right values in commercial life."
Brian Groom, former Business Editor, Financial Times