Press release

International Co-operative Day

This year's International Co-operative Day takes place on 4 July.

This date not only celebrates the 87th ICA International Co-operative Day but it is also the 15th UN International Day of Co-operatives.

The theme of this year's International Co-operative Day is 'Driving global recovery through co-operative enterprise'. The day will focus on the opportunities for co-operatives to highlight how they not only promote economic growth, but also promote their ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others. It underlines the fact that co-operatives are enterprises that can effectively contribute to global economic recovery, but also that these enterprises will do so in respect of the co-operative values and principles which guide their operations.

The International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) calls on co-operators throughout the world to strengthen their commitment to their co-operative values and principles, celebrate their success in these difficult times, and work in partnership to ensure that they continue driving global recovery around the world.

In his International Day message, Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General of United Nations, praised co-operatives. He said: 'In the face of the current economic crisis, communities around the world are rediscovering the critical necessity to work for the common good.

'On this International Day, I encourage Governments and civil society everywhere to recognize the effectiveness of co-operatives and to engage with them as vital partners for global recovery and achieving internationally agreed development goals.'

Is your co-operative doing anything special to mark the occasion? For example, Midlands Co-op are holding a Members' Opportunity Day - an event designed to engage and enthuse co-operative members and help them discover ways to put the 'action' into 'active membership' in a fun, relaxed and enjoyable way.

If your co-operative is doing something special then why not let us know and you could appear in next month's edition of the Members' Briefing. Send your stories or pictures to [email protected].

To read ICA's International Co-operative Day message in full please click here.