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Get your co-op GDPR ready

In the last few weeks and months we've had lots of enquiries into the Advice Team about the impending GDPR regulations  and how they will impact co-ops. 

The new General Data Protection Regulation are due to come into force in May 2018 and organisations across Europe are busy working getting their data and related business processes in order – and co-ops are no exception. 

3 ways your co-op can get GDPR ready

1. Download our FREE GDPR guides for co-operatives

  • Member and customer data: In partnership with Anthony Collins' Solicitors, we have put together a short guide setting out the basic requirements of the legislation and offering some practical examples of how co-ops can comply, especially where they are dealing with their members' personal data. Visit the 'Get your co-op GDPR ready' resource page to download.
  • Employee data: Co‑operatives UK has produced an Employee Data Toolkit to guide co‑operatives through the key changes to the legislation, with a focus on how the GDPR applies in employment.

2. Book onto our GDPR training session

We have organised a training session, working with Peter Parker from Wrigleys Solicitors. The session will:

  • Build on the information available in Co-operatives UK's 'Get your co-op GDPR ready' guide.
  • Take you through the key elements of GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Enable you to discuss the issues and get specific answers about implementing the GDPR for your co-op.

It takes place in Birmingham on 25 April, from 12:30-5PM. It costs £125 + VAT for members of Co-operatives UK and £179 + VAT for non-members.

Book now

3. Contact our advice team

Members with specific queries on how the new regulation applies to their particular situation can contact the Co-operatives UK advice team.

Written by Linda Barlow
Updated: 28/03/2018