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Effective meetings and consensus decision making workshop - Congress 2009

More than 30 delegates from worker co-operatives including Unicorn, Wave, Suma, Calverts, Delta-T and Greencity Wholefoods to name a few, attended a workshop on the Friday of congress to share good practice around effective meeting strategies and their experience of consensus decision making. Participants were asked to answer the following questions: What exactly is a meeting? Why do we have meetings? What defines an effective meeting? What defines an ineffective meeting? What are practical ways to run effective meetings? Participation was excellent from the start and my fall back PowerPoint presentation remained unviewed although a pdf copy of it can be downloaded along with a pdf mindmap of the delegates contributions at You can also fill out a feedback form at that page, if you actually attended. There was sharing of positive and negative experiences and good practice - both the predictable importance of good facilitation or chairing, through more inventive stick annd carrot methods such as using sweets, to less traditional meeting styles such as open space technology. This workshop was the cut-down trial of a longer Effective Meetings workshop which we will be delivering as part of our governance training in early 2010. For more details of our training work please visit: Mark Simmonds [email protected]
Written by Mark Simmonds
Updated: 18/09/2011