Press release

Co-operativesUK asks members to get Greener Together

'Greener Together - the co-operative way', a new and ambitious campaign from Co-operativesUK, is actively seeking 50 committed co-operatives and community owned enterprises across England to work with their members - a total of 3,600 people - to become greener and reduce their carbon footprint.

Greener Together - a six month study investigating how people can overcome the barriers of lifestyle change and live in a more sustainable way - is directly supporting individuals from consumer, worker, housing and other co-operatives and community owned enterprises to reduce their environmental impact in the areas of energy, waste and personal transport.

'The core aim of Greener Together is to engage, support and provide the means to make lifestyle changes that reduce members' and customers' environmental impact in these three key areas,' says Helen Seymour, Head of Projects and Development at Co-operativesUK.

'Many co-operatives are already doing great things to encourage their members to live in a more sustainable way. The Greener Together project builds upon this and will help strengthen relationships between co-operatives and their members.'

Individuals from each sector will choose from a number of environmental actions based around the home, and each action will produce a representative reduction in carbon emissions. Members and customers will pledge to reduce their CO2 by 10 to 20 per cent in two out of three of the key areas, over the six month period.

Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operativesUK, said: 'We are directly supporting individuals to change their behaviour and reduce their impact on the environment and want to hear from co-operatives big and small - consumer, worker and other - that could work with their members to change their individual habits.

'Now is the time to join with other co-operatives and community owned enterprise and work together to pioneer a practice that will really help affect change!'

Part of the Greener Living Fund, sponsored by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), the dynamic project aims to help people to live in a more sustainable way, by focusing on the small actions every individual can take in their daily lives and enables member organisations of Co-operativesUK, the Confederation of Co-operative Housing (CCH) and the Plunkett Foundation to work with their members and customers in achieving greener behaviour.

To find out how you can join Greener Together and make a real difference contact Michelle Lockwood on 0161 214 1750, email mi[email protected] or visit the website