Press release

Co-operatives UK plants 150 trees to celebrate 150 years

To mark 150 years since its formation, Co-operatives UK has donated 150 trees for planting in partnership with environmental group Treesponsibility.

As well as the donation of 150 trees, Co-operatives UK staff will be spending a day with Treesponsiblity, planting sustainably sourced trees. 

Partnering with Treesponsiblity is just one of the ways Co-operatives UK’s is aiming to counter climate change and fulfill its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. Other activities have included taking part in the global climate strike in 2019 and providing vegan cooking training for all staff.

Co-operatives UK also coordinated a fundraising appeal for the Australian bush fires, which saw more than AU$100,000 donated from UK retail co-operative societies, co-ops and individuals.

Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operatives UK, said. “In partnering with Treesponsibility, we’re leaving a lasting legacy of our 150th year – in a way that’s sustainable, enjoyable and demonstrates our commitment to tackling climate change. We’d love our members to take up the challenge too. We’re encouraging them to purchase and plant trees as part of our celebration – and share their tree planting photos on social media.”

Treesponsibility will feature in an upcoming episode of the new More Than a Shop podcast. Created by Co‑operatives UK, The Co‑op, Co‑op News, The Co‑operative College and The Co‑operative Heritage Trust, More Than a Shop explores how co-operation can tackle some of the biggest challenges facing society. Listen and subscribe here