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Co-operatives UK joins campaign to fight inequality

Co-operatives UK is supporting Fight Inequality Alliance’s annual global campaign that takes place this week (18-25 January 2020) – highlighting social inequality and putting forward solutions for creating a more equal society.

Using the social media hashtag #FightInequality, the campaign coincides with the annual World Economic Forum meeting on the exclusive Swiss mountain resort of Davos. Here, business leaders, international political leaders, economists, celebrities and journalists gather to discuss global issues.

This gathering of the world’s elite has come under fire for doing little to redress inequality. So Co-operatives UK is joining Fight Inequality Alliance in shining a spotlight on the ordinary people who are coming together to create solutions in their local communities.

"We're working with organisations in six local communities to tackle inequality with home-grown solutions to local problems, through the Empowering Places programme.  This provides support for organisations and people to generate and retain wealth locally, and create greater access to health, work, social and cultural opportunities." said Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operatives UK, 

Abram Ward Community Co-operative in Wigan is one of six organisations that are part of the programme. Through their project Made in Wigan they aim to give local people a chance to use their skills to create community businesses that address local needs. Now in its third year, Made in Wigan does this by providing seed funding, training and support so Abram residents can successfully manage and grow their own enterprises.

Co-operatives UK is working to tackle inequality by delivering the Empowering Places programme in partnership with CLES  and NEF. Funded by Power to Change, the programme is supporting the creation of clusters of community businesses whose purpose is to reduce inequality in local areas.

Written by Jennifer Banks
Updated: 17/01/2020