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Co-operatives 2009 - Plenary Session - Statements

Our contributors will make short statements updating delegates on key areas of work. Towards a co-operative development network Since Co-operatives 2008 a group of comitted co-operative development specialists have been working on a proposal to create a much needed co-operative development network. Jo White will report and seek support for their proposals. New ventures and innovation in co-operation Helen Seymour and Laurie Gregory will highlight the innovative work of the Co-operative Buiness Development Panel (formerly the New Ventures Panel). They will explain how the the Panel explores new markets for the co-operative model of business and take a closer look at one area of ground breaking work. Co-operative diversity action Chris Herries will introduce Co-operative Diversity Action - a new group and web site established to help engage people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities in co-operative enterprise.
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Updated: 09/06/2016