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Co-op Policy Blog #18: Offers you can’t refuse

Co-operatives UK has published four ‘offers’ for building back better, aimed at a government worried about jobs and everyone working for a more just and sustainable future. 

As our new paper demonstrates, co-ops are a great way for people to:

1. create decent new livelihoods

2. keep viable jobs in their community

3. breathe new life into local assets and enterprise

4. convert newfound community spirit into transformative social action

On weight of evidence, these are offers that national and local policymakers should not refuse.

What we’re bringing

We are not offering theoretical schemes. Co-ops are already demonstrating how a better world is possible. And with our amazing members and partners, Co-operatives UK is taking action now to boost co-op development. Together we will make meaningful progress on all four offers. We will sow the seeds for something better to grow.

Why policy matters

Policy is only ever part of the  puzzle. But government support now could multiply our collective impacts, helping us to grow bigger and faster, as well as better. At the very least, there are barriers to co-op growth that only government can fully address.

But more than this, government’s COVID-19 recovery strategies will have a big impact on our economic trajectory, heading into what could be the most critical decades in human history. If we want to rapidly reduce environmental harms and live in a way that engenders widespread wellbeing, we need a fairer, more democratic and more distributive economy. Right now, co-ops should not ignore policy and policymakers certainly should not ignore co-ops.

What now?

Thank you for supporting our policy work through your membership of Co-operatives UK. 

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Written by James Wright
Updated: 29/06/2020