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Celebrate the International Year on 12 January

On 12 January 2012, co-operatives across the world will mark the start of the International Year of Co-operatives – a unique year for the co-operative sector.

Why not join with the global co-operative movement and celebrate the start of the Year on 12 January?

Whether it's putting up an International Year poster, handing out stickers to your customers, sending a press release to your local media, writing a blog, having a co-operative lunch with your colleagues or just sharing the news on social media, there are plenty of simple ways to celebrate the start of the Year.

Co-operatives UK will be using 12 January to hold an online panel with The Guardian, with key figures from the co-operative sector – we'd love to get your questions and opinions on the day, so please do keep the date in your diary.

Co-operatives in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will all be marking the start of the Year in their own ways for 12 January. The Co-operative Group has a day of press activity planned, whilst the Co-operative College will hold simultaneous book launches.

Elsewhere Canada will be holding an online press conference and Co-operatives Europe will be launching their key policy document.

Why not join with the global movement on 12 January and celebrate the start of 2012?

Three ways to get involved on 12 January

  1. Watch and take part in The Guardian online panel 12 January
  2. Celebrate the start of the Year on 12 January too, and share it at the Global News Hub’s dedicated 12 January page
  3. Order your free 2012 toolkit with posters, stickers and ideas here:
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Updated: 16/12/2015