Press release

Bristol area co-operatives benefit from new directory

CDA (BRAVE Ltd) in Bristol has published a 2008/2009 directory of co-operative enterprises trading in the Bristol area.

The co-operative development agency, one of around 40 independent co-operative development agencies across the UK, provides business advice and support to co-operatives and other social enterprises in the Bristol area.

It produces the directory of co-operatives annually. This year's directory has information about, and contacts for, 83 co-operatives in the area, many of which the CDA helped set up or has supported at one time or another.

The businesses listed range from village shops to record labels, garden centres to broadband networks. The directory also provides listings of co-operative support bodies and finance providers in the Bristol area, such as Co-operative and Community Finance and the CDA itself.

As Hilary Sudbury, the CDA Co-ordinator, explains: 'We produce the directory to raise the profile of our thriving local co-operative sector.

'It is a great way of showcasing both what individual co-operative enterprises are doing, as well as demonstrating the wide range of sectors in which co-operatives are working in the Bristol area.'

The directory is distributed widely across the Bristol area and various co-operative outlets such as The Cube, an independent cinema run as a worker co-operative, and Here shop, a shop and gallery that makes use of a disused shop front in Bristol.

CDA (BRAVE Ltd) is a member of Co-operativesUK.