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2012, week 1: co-operation in the news

So, we're in the first week of the International Year of Co-operatives, a truly unique year for all who care about  businesses that build a better world.

Next week we'll see co-operatives across the UK - in fact the world, from Chelmsford to China - marking the start of the International Year on 12 January with a range of activities.

This week, though, Co-operatives UK has been in the media every day, commenting on just some of the areas where co-operatives are and can make a difference – rebuilding the economy, generating renewable energy and delivering public services.

Tuesday, for example, saw an article from Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operatives UK in Resurgence magazine, on the importance of co-operation, not competition, for social and economic life.

Wednesday saw a film of Ed and an article from Charlie Leadbeater on how co-operatives can help rebuild British business.

Thursday there was a column from Ed in the Ecologist on community renewables.

Today, Friday, there is an article from Ed on co-operatives and public services in the New Statesman (pp7-8 of this supplement).

Next week will be much bigger, with widespread activity on 12 January from The Co-operative Group through to Birmingham Film Co-operative. We’ll really feel the start of the International Year next week.

But week one of 2012 highlights that the International Year is not in itself what's important – what’s important about the United Nations designating 2012 the International Year of Co-operatives is that it's an opportunity for co-operatives to come together and show how the co-operative way of doing business can and is making a difference to people across the world.

Join us and the Guardian on 12 January for a live broadcast at 1.30 on how co-operation can help rebuild the British economy.

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Updated: 16/12/2015