The .coop domain name the global Co-operative Marque


Complete your co‑operative identity with a .coop domain name and the global Co‑operative Marque.

Together, the Co-operative Marque and .coop domain name are symbols of the global co-operative movement and collective identity, demonstrating unity of purpose.

The .coop domain is also only available to verified co-operatives, which not only makes it an exclusive online space available to a select few, it also makes this domain an instantly recognisable badge that tells the world at a glance that a business is a co-op.

Thousands of co-operatives worldwide recognise the value of using .coop as an integral part of their marketing strategy. Join the global co-operative community and register your name today.

Register a .coop domain name and help promote your co-operative difference in the digitial world. Each registration includes the global Co-operative Marque, a Co-op identity badge for use in your branding, communications and publications. 

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