HR training videos

Here you will find a range of short training videos covering some of the common issues faced by HR professionals.

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HR basics

It can be hard to know where to start when you first start employing people, but HR need not be a mystery. Our video on HR basics takes you through the key things you'll need to know.

Recruiting people

Recruiting the right people in the right way is crucial for any successful business. Our video explains the things you should think about and the steps you'll need to take to do this successfully. 

Dismissing employees

There may be times when you need to dismiss an employee because of their conduct but there are important things you will need to do to make sure that you are doing this fairly. Click here to watch our video on dismissing employees for gross misconduct.

Having a protected conversation

Sometimes it may be useful to be able to have an open conversation with one of your employees without fear that it may be used against you in later legal proceedings but there are some important issues that you should think about before you do. Here you can find out more about protected conversations and without prejudice discussions and when they may or may not be appropriate.

Converting to a co-operative

There are important HR considerations to take into account when you convert an existing business into a co-operative. Watch this video for information on the things to think about.

Family friendly rights

There are specific rights to leave and pay for working parents. Our short video on family friendly rights explains what your employees are entitled to and what you need to do as an employer.

Dealing with sickness absence

All employers must expect some level of sickness absence amongst employees, but it is important to manage it carefully to prevent it impacting the business. Our short video explains what you can do to manage sickness absence within your co-operative.

Handling grievances

At some point during their employment an employee may want to make a complaint about their work or working conditions or how they have been treated whilst at work. It is important that you have a clear procedure in place for handling these types of complaint and that you treat all employees fairly whilst doing so. Our short video on handling grievances explains what you need to do.

Performance management

Performance management is about getting the best from your staff so that your co-operative can achieve its short and long term goals. This video shows you how.