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Blog: Effective board meetings

To help create an effective co-operative board it is important to establish robust governance processes that support effective board decisions aroud the direction of the co-op, writes Linda Barlow,...

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Duties of the governing body

Co-operatives, regardless of legal form, will have a governing body comprised of those individuals appointed to manage the affairs of the co-operative. Often referred to as the board, directors, or...


Election nomination forms and guidance

Nomination form for the Co-operatives UK Board of Directors (2018) and candidate information.

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Have you got the passion, skills and commitment we need to help drive the co-operative sector forward? Each year we are on the look out for talented candidates who will add their own unique skills to...

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Our Board

The Board sets the strategic direction of Co-operatives UK. The composition of the Board of Directors reflects our membership with seats reserved for different categories. The election process for...

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Speaker profile: Ashley Harshak on board culture and passionate directors

Ashley Harshak is a Partner at Telos Partners, whose mission is to align all stakeholders so members and directors collectively contribute to an organisation's sustainable long term success. Previous...


Template minutes

These editable minute templates cover board of directors meetings and annual general meetings (AGMs).