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Blog: Effective board meetings

To help create an effective co-operative board it is important to establish robust governance processes that support effective board decisions aroud the direction of the co-op, writes Linda Barlow,...

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Co-operatives UK AGM, 21 June 2019

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is one of the primary ways in which member organisations can participate in the democracy of Co‑operatives UK. Our AGM in 2019 took place ONLINE and at the Mercure...


Election nomination forms and guidance

Nomination form for the Co-operatives UK Board of Directors (2018) and candidate information.


Template minutes

These editable minute templates cover board of directors meetings and annual general meetings (AGMs).

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Two million UK users would consider investing in Twitter as a co-op

With the proposal to turn Twitter into a user owned co-operative on the agenda at Twitter’s AGM on Monday (22 May), new research suggests that in the UK alone nearly 2 million people, 14% of active...