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Co‑op Fortnight involves co‑ops and organisations from across the UK working together to celebrate and promote co‑ops

Sign up to get involved with Co-op Fortnight 2024

Co-op Fortnight 2024

Sign-up to join in with Co-op Fortnight 2024, taking place from 24 June to 7 July.

During Co‑op Fortnight, co‑operatives and organisations and supporters of co-operatives plan activities to raise awareness of the sector.

Sign up below to let us know which part(s) of the campaign you want to hear about or be involved with:

  • Demand that all political parties and the next UK government commits to co-operative growth
  • Demand that political parties prioritise urgent climate action in the run up to the next general election
  • Celebrate co-operatives as an altogether different way to do business 
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Is your co-op or organisation a member of Co-operatives UK?
Are you interested in the Call for Co-operative Growth campaign and signing our pledge?
Do you have a good story to tell?

We are looking for:

•  Any stories that showcases the how co-operatives offer an altogether different way to do business and support communities 

If you've a strong story to tell, let us know!

Are you interested in adverting opportunities with Reach PLC?

Co-operatives UK is working in partnership with Reach PLC to offer reduced cost advertising opportunities for co-operatives around Co-op Fortnight. You will only be contacted by a member of the Reach PLC team if you indicate you are happy for them to do so by clicking 'yes'.

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