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An altogether different way of doing business

A graphic for Co-op Fortnight with people from a co-operative celebrating with text alongside saying "an altogether different way to do business"

In 2023, Co-op Fortnight celebrated how co‑operatives offer an altogether different way to do business, to support communities and people. 

What is a co-op?

Many of us have heard of co-ops, but do you actually know what one is? High street convenience stores are the most well-known type of co-op here in the UK, but they're not the only type of co-op.

A co-op is a business or organisation that’s owned and controlled by its members, to meet their shared needs. The members can be its customers, employees, residents or suppliers, who have a say in how the co-op is run. Find out more >>

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What is a co-op? Watch this short introduction.
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Get involved with Co-op Fortnight

In 2024, Co‑op Fortnight takes place from Monday 24 June to Sunday 7 July. Get involved >>

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