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Co-op Fortnight is sponsored by The Co-op, Central England Co-op, Channel Islands Co-op, Midcounties Co-op, Scotmid co-op, East of England co-op and Southern co-op.

Get involved in Co-op Fortnight

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By working together during Co‑op Fortnight every year, we can grow a culture of co‑operation.

Help us spread the word about co-ops

We encourage co-operatives throughout the UK to support and take part in Co-op Fortnight in a number of different ways: 

  • We create a campaign pack, which your co-op can download and use. It contains sample social media posts, graphics, logos and text you can upload to your website and include in email newsletters. 
  • You can share stories of co‑operation on social media using the campaign’s hashtag and tagging us in @CooperativesUK so we can retweet you. The hashtag for Co-op Fortnight 2021 is #JoinACoop and we’ll be in touch with our members nearer the time with all the information you’ll need to join in. 
  • Share our campaign video and podcast episode. As part of the campaign, we produce a film and ask our members to share it on social media and with everyone in their networks. Listen to our podcast episode:

More Than a Shop episode 9: Let’s build something better together

Content by More than a Shop

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve seen some inspirational stories of co‑operation. For Co-op Fortnight 2020, we collected just a few of those inspiring stories from co‑operatives across the UK.

  • Write a blog or article. Co-op Fortnight 2021 is several months away and that gives you plenty of time to think about what you can write. Do you have a story of how life changed for you – or others – when you joined a co-op? What have you learned and gain through being a member? We encourage people to share their blogs on their website, via email and social media. Or you could offer to write an article for your local or trade press.
  • Pledge to take part. Every year in advance of Co-op Fortnight, we invite our members to let us know how they are planning on taking part in the campaign. This helps us to generate media interest and stories for social media.
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