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The Co-op Economy survey

The Co-op Economy Survey

As 2021 begins, we’re still in the grip of Covid‑19 and the implications of Brexit and the pandemic are yet to be fully understood. It’s never been more important to understand the economic position of the UK’s co‑ops.

    What is the Co‑op Economy survey?

    Using the data we gather from the Co‑op Economy survey, we publish our annual Co‑op Economy Report – a comprehensive view of the 'state of the nation’ for the UK co‑op sector. And we use this report to raise awareness of co-ops in the media.

    This year, we want to produce a more in-depth understanding of how the Covid‑19 pandemic has impacted the sector – and the survey contains questions about this. 

    What information will you be collating?

    The survey collects

    1. Brief information about your co‑op
    2. What challenges Covid‑19 has created for your co‑op 
    3. What support your co‑op needs – now and in the future
    4. Diversity, equity and inclusivity information – to help build up a picture of the diversity of the sector so we can work together to be more inclusive.

    Will my responses be anonymous?

    We need to know which co-op you are associated with so that we can ensure we collect a broad cross section of co-ops to represent the movement. This will also help us identify trends. 

    Co‑operatives UK staff who analyse the data will be able to see which co-op you are associated with but details of individual co‑ops will not be made public when we release the results.

    The survey will take around 20‑30 minutes to complete. All respondents will be entered into a prize draw to receive one of five £100 prizes – which can be cash, vouchers or donated to the Worker Co‑op Solid Fund or a charity of your choice.

    The closing date for responses is midnight on 4 April 2021.

    Want to help raise awareness of the co-op sector?
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