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The Co-op Economy Report 2020

Infographic with statistics about co-ops

Co-operative businesses are better placed to weather Covid-19 economic storm, according to the 2020 Co-operative Economy Report. 

The report reveals co-ops have almost double the chance of surviving their first five years: 76% of co-ops (up from 72% in 2019), are still operating after the difficult first five years of existence, while just 42% of all new companies make it beyond five years.

“Co-ops are more resilient because they are created to meet the needs of their members. As owners, those members – customers, suppliers and/or workers – have a vested interest in the success of the co-op over the long term,” says the report. “Crucially, those same members all have a say in how the business is run.”

While the UK is facing tough economic conditions as a result of Covid-19, during the crisis millions of people have participated in and benefited from solidarity and mutual aid. “Co-ops can help the UK build back better by giving people better options in the way they consume, earn a living and do business.”

The Co-op Economy Report 2020

Discover what else the report revealed about the state of the nation’s co-ops in 2020
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