Feature in the Co-op Fortnight video

Would your co-op like to appear in our Co-op Fortnight campaign video? 

Last year's video Co-operate has been viewed well over 100,000 times! If you fancy being the stars of our 2019 campaign, here are some instructions which have been created by our members Blake House Filmmakers Co-operative, who will be producing the film.  

Co-op Fortnight video instructions

Thanks for agreeing to take part in co-creating our film about Co-op Fortnight. We really want to try and capture the essence of co-operation through showing the diversity, enthusiasm and passion of co-operators from around the UK. To do this, we’re going to be mixing some footage we’re shooting with, and this is where you come in, footage submitted to us from people taking part in Co-op Fortnight.

Before we start...

We’re looking for a few different things, but the first thing to mention is a couple of basic technical things that we’d need.

  • You can film stuff on your phone, on a camera, on anything that records, but please film things horizontally!
  • If you’re showing something off when you’re filming, feel free to walk with camera in your hands and interact with your surroundings but try to keep the camera steady so the image is smooth.
  • If you’re able to send us the raw movie clips of what you film, perfect! If not, you can upload it to a YouTube page and we can take it from there.
  • An easy way to send files is by using wetransfer.com and sending it to [email protected] 
  • Sound is not required!  You don’t need to face the camera telling us all about your co-op, set up staged interviews or worry about microphones. We’ll be editing the footage with a voiceover so will only be using the pictures.  

What we’re looking for...

We want to see footage that’s natural and isn’t staged.

We want to see what your co-op does when it opens up for the day.
That could be rolling up a shutter, switching on a computer, flicking on the lights on the shop floor, we want to see what opening up shop looks like to you and your co-op.

We want to see what your co-op makes.
Whatever your co-op does, we want to see it! If you have a team working on something, we want to see how they do it, especially if people are working together on something.

We want to see your co-op team.
If you have a big group activity going on - film it! We want to see what it’s like working in a co-op and how your team works with each other. It would be great to see the many different faces of co-ops from around the UK.

We want to see your acts of co-operation.
We want to see the types of activity that co-ops will do during Co-op Fortnight, this could mean having sleepout, a community clean up, a community event, education activity, open day or a big communal dinner - whatever you’re doing, film it!

We’re looking forward to seeing what you’re able to capture and can’t wait to make this film together. If you have any questions about technicalities or creativity feel free to drop us an email

Please send your footage to the Blake House team at
[email protected] by 12 April 2019