Cool co-op films to share

We have a range of brilliant films about co-ops to share in our reimagine series. Use them on social media with the hashtag #coopdifference or put them on your website or email bulletins.

Reimagine community: GlenWyvis Distillery

How Scotland's first community owned whisky distillery is making a different to a Highland community.

Reimagine work: Bristol Wood Recyling Project

"This  place brings out the sunshine in people." A worker and volunteer run co-op that changes lives.

Reimagine work: Leeds Bread Co-op

“Imagine having a boss – that’s a terrible idea!” An inspiring film about a different way to run a business.

Reimagine the economy

A growing split between the have and have nots is dividing Britain. It’s time to reimagine the economy.

Six ways your co‑op or organistion can get involved with Co‑operatives Fortnight 2018.

Read and share inspiring stories about how co‑ops make a difference to people and communities every single day.

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