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Use Co‑operatives Fortnight 2018 to tell people – staff, customers, local people, suppliers, social media followers – what makes your co‑op different.

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Share stories of co‑operation

Read incredible stories about how being part of a co‑op has made a difference to people's lives. Share these stories to show people your co‑op is part of an amazing movement with the words, films and pictures we've collated for use across your website and social media, using the hashtag #coopdifference

Share your story

Tell your customers what sets your co‑op apart, whether it’s the benefits members receive, the impact on the environment or the way it gives people a say. Co‑operatives Fortnight is an opportunity to tell your story far and wide. Want to be a featured case study? Contact [email protected]

Put a spotlight on other co‑ops

Use Co‑operatives Fortnight as a way to tell the story of local co‑ops or others you work with, and showcase the diversity of the co‑op sector. It could be an in‑store display, a series of blogs on your website or social media posts.

Put on an offer

Encourage people to use your co‑op by putting on a special Co‑operatives Fortnight discount? You can drive awareness of co‑ops and benefit your co‑op at the same time.

Hold an open day

Seeing is believing, so what better way to help people understand the difference that co‑ops make by inviting people to an open day where they can see how your co‑op works and how it does things differently. We’ll soon be adding an events checklist to download from our website. Register your event and Co‑operatives UK we will help to promote it on our website and social media.

Host a film screening

We are offering co-ops and organisations the chance to host a screening of an excellent and inspiring film ‘A Silent Transformation’ which showcases how co-ops are making a difference in Ontario, Canada. Watch the trailer then get in touch with [email protected] as soon as possible if you are interested in hosting a film screening as opportunities are limited.

“The world doesn’t feel in great shape right now and the very idea of the Co‑op – an idea that my mum and my gran grew up with in Nottingham – feels dead right and more relevant than ever.” BAFTA Award‑winning film‑maker Shane Meadows

Get involved and show your #coopdifference

Read and share inspiring stories about how co‑ops make a difference to people and communities every single day.

FREE Co‑operatives Fortnight toolkit with resources, stories, messages and more to help you promote your #coopdifference to colleagues, members and customers.