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Living in Lilac


Start date / time
Wednesday 14 July 2021, 5:00pm
End date / time
Wednesday 14 July 2021, 7:00pm
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[email protected]
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Study visit
Lilac Leeds
Lilac report launch and online site visit

Come and find out more about Leeds' award-winning, low-impact, affordable co-housing project. Join Lilac for the launch of their new report and find and how you can use Lilac's successful co-housing model.

If every home in in the UK were like a Lilac home, we would tackle some of our country's major challenges. In this two-hour session there will be a short virtual tour of Lilac, a chance to hear the key messages from Lilac's report and discuss its findings.

Report highlights:

  • An average Lilac household produces 65 per cent lower carbon emissions that the UK average.
  • A Lilac household produces around half the waste of an average UK household- Homes in Lilac are linked to wage not house price increase.
  • By 2019  they were around £21,500 cheaper compared to other homes in Leeds.
  • 88 per cent of Lilac residents have 'a feeling of belonging' in their neighbourhood. This is compared to 18 per cent nationally.

Hosted by some of Lilac's residents and research team, this webinar is aimed at supporters of community-led, low impact housing including local authorities, the development industry and community and research sectors.