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Co-op Connections: Wales


Start date / time
Wednesday 15 December 2021, 3:00pm
End date / time
Wednesday 15 December 2021, 4:00pm
More information
[email protected]
Organised by
Co-operatives UK
Event type
Wales Co-op Connection, 15 December

NOTE: The meeting has been brought forward by 30 mins and is now taking place at 3pm to 4pm


Join fellow co-operators and community businesses as we gather to hear about ongoing work to strengthen the Welsh co-operative economy and use a cutting edge online networking tool to meet virtually.

About the event

Co‑operatives UK and Wales Co‑op Centre present this Wales-focused Co‑op Connections online meeting with a special speaker – Huw Irranca‑Davies, a Welsh Labour and Co‑operative politician.


Huw Irranca‑Davies is a Welsh Labour and Co-operative politician, who has been the Member of the Senedd for Ogmore since 2016. He was previously the Member of Parliament for Ogmore from 2002 to 2016.

This year, Huw has campaigned extensively for the adoption of the Marcora Law in Wales, legislation that gives workers the right, support and finance to undertake a co-operative buy-out of a business in crisis. Huw introduced a motion to the Senedd on October 20th to consider a Welsh Marcora Law, and the Welsh Government has signalled its “open mind” to the proposal and plans to explore this further.


  • This event will take place online for 1 hour.
  • After welcoming guests and hearing from our speakers, guests are included in the discussion with the opportunity to make co-op connections that you can build upon for 2022.

How much does it cost?

  • This event is FREE for all members of co-operatives / community businesses based in Wales.

What attendees will gain

You will have the opportunity to connect with other co-operatives / community businesses based in Wales.

Who should attend?

Anyone working in or a member of a co-operative / community business based in Wales.