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Book your place at the National Youth Summit 2023


Start date / time
Wednesday 05 July 2023, 12:00pm
End date / time
Wednesday 05 July 2023, 7:00pm
The Studio, 7 Cannon St, Birmingham B2 5EP
More information
[email protected]
Organised by
Co-operatives UK
Event type
Youth Summit branding

The National Youth Summit is a free event that brings together young people, leaders, change-makers and creators to empower the younger generation through the principles of co‑operation. Spaces are limited so book now to avoid missing out!



What to expect?

An inspirational range of speakers will be exploring co-operative solutions to some of society’s greatest challenges through a range of engaging workshops and panel discussions.

Please note: Co-operatives UK is unable to provide letters of invitation for international delegates.

Travel bursaries

We're offering a limited number of £50 travel bursaries. Once you've booked your place, email [email protected] to apply. When you've heard back, we'll send instructions for how we can reimburse up to £50 for travel. 

Sessions will include: 

The future of work and the AI movement  

Technology is moving at a breakneck pace and AI could soon influence every aspect of our career. As young people, we need to be ready to actively embrace this revolution. Join this session to learn all about how we can work co-operatively to get the most out of technology. 

Co-operation and Climate Action – how can we make a difference? 

Nearly 60% of young people are worried about climate change. But what can we do about it? In this session we’ll explore how co-operative businesses are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as practical ways you can make a difference to your environmental impact.  

Living and spending co-operatively 

It’s not easy being a young person during a cost-of-living crisis. How can we cut costs while still living ethically and sustainably? Join money-saving expert Shakira for this engaging workshop that will introduce some co-operative solutions.  

Global Youth Led Co-ops: Inspiration, insights and action 

Drawing on examples from around the world, Jacqui Thomasen and Dr Amanda Benson from the Co-operative College, will lead this interactive session exploring what has enabled young people in other countries to successfully develop co-ops, and what we can learn from these experiences. Prepare to be inspired! 

The positive power of social media 

As young people, we need to stop doom scrolling and instead use social media as a platform to make ourselves heard. In this session, Alex McCann, social media extraordinaire, will help us transform our Tiktoks and reels into powerful content that actually makes a difference to the issues we care about.

Great Expectations: Where’s the next generation of co-operators coming from? 

Meet Molly and Buncey, members of the Young Co-operators Network, who’ll be hosting an interactive session on how to open out co-ops to younger people.

With more sessions to be announced soon...


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