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Conference sponsor: VME Coop

Co-op Retail Conference sponsor

Meet the Co-op Retail Conference 2021 sponsors.

About the Co-op Retail Conference 2021 sponsor

VME Coop is the largest supplier of technology to the independent consumer societies; from tills right through to head offices. Since 1997 VME has helped 18 different UK co-ops solve their technology problems. Their FRTS Link software runs in nine of the 13 independent coops, with 44% of the 1,400 stores operating VME Coop software.

Societies use VME because their solution includes everything needed to run a consumer co-op. It is a proven system that keeps VME’s co-op customers up to date with the latest technology. And as more co-ops using VME, the lower the price for all consumer co-ops.

VME Coop’s purpose is to help consumer co-ops grow market share; to help the independent co-op movement thrive and open new stores; and hopefully even help new independent co-ops to be created. VME does this by reducing society costs and increasing efficiency through technology.

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