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Co-op Congress – exhibitors

Meet the organisations exhibiting at Co-op Congress 2023

Come along to Co-op Congress 2023 and meet our great set of exhibitors. If you are interested in exhibiting at this event or future events please contact [email protected]. Please note, this page currently contains the list of exhibitors from Congress 2022. The page will be updated in due course.

Co-operative and Community Finance

Co-op & Community Finance (CCF)

Co-op & Community Finance (CCF) is the Lender for Social Purpose lending to ethical businesses for nearly 50 years. Along with our partner fund the Co-op Loan Fund we help co-ops and communities recover, rebuild and grow by providing flexible and competitive loan finance from £10,000 - £150,000.

We offer fair, supportive finance tailored to meet the needs of all co-operative enterprises and community businesses that are democratically controlled by their members. Our finance can be used for a range of purposes, be that: purchasing a property or equipment, refinancing existing debt or business growth/ working capital. We support all sectors including Community Shops and Pubs, Community Buildings, Housing Co-operatives, Sports Clubs, Food and Farming, Renewable Energy schemes, Tech Co-ops, and many more ...

Growing together for a fairer future.

One Family


OneFamily is a Mutual friendly society providing award winning services for over 45 years. Specialising in partnerships we currently administer more than 2 million policies on behalf of 39 partners across a range of flexible award-winning products.


Co-operative Councils Innovation Network (CCIN)

The fastest growing network in local government.

We believe that the unprecedented challenges facing the public sector and local communities mean that traditional models of top-down governance and economic growth are no longer fit for purpose.  Our members want to reclaim the traditions of community action, community engagement, and civic empowerment that can transform communities.  This approach will help deliver radical and innovative programmes designed, led, and delivered in partnership with communities and other sector partners, maximising the social dividend they bring.   

Cooperative councils are driving global public policy aligned to our Statement of Values and Principles.


SR Insurance solutions logo

Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions

At Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions, we are proud to have worked with Co-operatives for over 10 years and we are the recommended insurance broker for Co-op’s business insurance. We take a strategic approach to arranging insurance solutions by tailoring our approach to each business that we work with. This allows us to identify the unique risks that your business faces, which then enables us to craft the perfect solution for your business.

Co-op News logo

Co-op News

Co-op News is a magazine, news website and communications co-operative that connects, champions and challenges the global co-op movement through objective journalism, open debate and co-operative vision and design.

Woodcraft Folk Logo

Woodcraft Folk

For nearly 100 years Woodcraft Folk have delivered co-operative education to generations of children and young people across the UK. Woodcraft Folk supports young people to engage in local youth groups, campaigns, outdoor adventures, camps and youth led social action. Current activity includes:

  • Rebuilding local groups post COVID
  • Outdoor play opportunities
  • Green Influencers social action projects in partnership with Coop Academy schools
  • PeaceCommunicators, peer education project
  • School based Life Skills workshops
  • Kids Got Rights international child led campaign
  • Common Ground international youth camp
  • #DreamBigAtHome

Awarded SME Winner in 2020 & 2021: Most Dedicated Youth Engagement & Support Organisation and Children's Rights Champions.

Your co-op

Your Co-op Business Solutions

‘Your Co-op Business Solutions, part of The Midcounties Co-operative is dedicated to providing a modern and ethical communication service for your growing business. Allowing you to stay connected to your communities and true to your values.

We look to provide a sustainable solution that will help grow your business and brand and serve your communities, whilst being cost effective. From broadband and mobile to electric vehicles and cloud-first communications, we can help you do it all and we’re with you all the way. Adapting to the latest workplace trends and employee behaviours is essential and we will provide you with all the tools you need to boost performance and delivery, attract and retain the very best talent and make a difference to the world around you; because people really are at the heart of your business.

Call us on 01608 434 070 or email [email protected].’


Heart of England Co-operative Society

The Heart of England Co-operative Society was originally formed in 1832 by nine local ribbon weavers who set up the Lockhurst Lane Co-operative Society in the Parish of Foleshill.

At the present time the Society has 36 food stores and 16 funeral homes and ploughs its profits back into new and improving stores and helping hundreds of local charities right across its trading region with donations

Through its Helping Heart Award scheme donations are made to charities and community groups throughout the year and since its inception in 2000 the Society had pledged more than £1.2 million into the local community.

In the year 2000, the Coventry & East Mercia Co-operative Society changed its name to Heart of England Co-operative Society reflecting more accurately the Society’s location in the heart of the country. The Society will celebrate 190 years this year.


Co-operative Party

We are the party of the UK's co-operative movement, committed to building a society where power and wealth are shared.

Democratic, public ownership of services and utilities we rely on. Tackling the housing crisis through co-operative housing. Businesses that are owned by their customers and workers giving back to communities.

Fans having a say in their sports club. Credit unions as an alternative to rip-off payday lenders. Shops owned by their customers that give back to the community.

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