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Board elections

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Democracy is the lifeblood of co‑operatives and we want as many of our members as possible to get involved in the election process, either standing as candidates, nominating candidates or voting for candidates.

Co-operatives UK Board elections

The 2021 election cycle - as we look for talented candidates to add their own unique skills to our Board of Directors - has now concluded. We had a contested election in one category of membership and uncontested elections in four further categories:

  • Federals - uncontested
  • Other consumer owned co-operatives - uncontested
  • Retail consumer co-operatives (Midlands) - contested
  • Retail consumer co-operatives (Scotland and North) - uncontested
  • Retail consumer  co-operatives (South) - uncontested

The election cycle for the Worker Co-op Council has also been completed with six candidates vying for the four available seats. Results in the Board and Worker Co-op Council election will be announced shortly.

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Who can stand for election?

Co‑operatives UK's Board of Directors is elected by and from our members on a rolling three year cycle. 

The Board is drawn from different constituencies of members to provide a balance of experience and knowledge. Elections are staggered so there is at least one board election each year. 

What makes a good director?

There is no identikit for the perfect director. In fact, we want a real balance of skills and personalities to help take Co‑operatives UK, and the wider sector, forward. Read the candidate information.

In 2020, seats were up for election in three categories of Co-operatives UK membership. The following Directors were elected

  • Martyn Johnston (Bradford Co-operative Association) representing enterprise owned co-operatives
  • Cheryl Barrott (Co-operative Party) representing mixed ownership co-operatives
  • Don Morris (Radstock Co-operative Society) representing retail consumer co-operatives (national)

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